Come to the Canal!

 We would like for as many people as we can get to come down to the canal. It is a really nice place. Most people go to the canals for a nice walk but you can also bike down the canal as well as practice running, it really is a nice place to jog. There is so much to say about the canal, it is a lovely place to walk, the water is nice and clear, animals are all around, beautiful scenery. And then after the walk on the canal there is a park for the kids. The White River Park also has events, so you could plan a day at the canal the same day there is an event at the White River Park. The canal is also near the Indianapolis Zoo and the Indiana State Museum. Which are two really fun places to go. The canal is just right in the middle of everything, it’s in the heart of Indianapolis.

At the canal, there are several stops along the way to take a break and rest for a bit and to just look at the scenery and landscaping Indianapolis has to offer. There are a few different scenery changes at the canal, the part of the canal that is covered by trees, water, and beautiful animals. It feels like a jungle when you’re walking through the trees hanging over the path. The canal runs through a nice town full of shops and places to stop and eat. When you are done with a long day at work or you just want to go out with the family, come down to the canal for a nice walk, then go and have a day at all the Indianapolis attractions. It is an easy day to plan and a fun day to have.

There isn’t much more to say about the canals but I do recommend coming to the canal, it is a lot of fun and could really make for a great day as well as a great time. Just make sure to go on a sunny day. The canal really is a beautiful place and we want everyone to experience it.

A while ago my family and I went to the canal, went through a few shops, and then went to and Indians baseball game, it was a really fun day, we stayed the night in a hotel along the canal and the next day we went to the Indianapolis museum and zoo. It was a fun little staycation. It was a really fun weekend. So if you live close go to the canal for a morning walk or just for a relaxing break, but if you don’t live close to the canal plan a fun day or weekend in Indianapolis and stop by the canal, it will be fun.

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