Canal Boat Rides

The canal is such a great place. So many people go there each day. People go to hangout or spend time with family but there is so much do to there that a lot of people don’t know about. It can be a lot of fun. The canal has enjoyable paths to walk nice views and it has little things to do there like events such as running or biking. It also as boat rides for a few days that you can do just to take a break from everyday life. Also, the boat rides are quite fun, even though there isn’t a whole lot to do, it is still a great time bring games, someone you love or a friend and go and stay in a boat for a day or two.

The boats are like small homes, they have everything needed to live. Including a bed, television, kitchen area, stove, microwave, hot water, toilet, and a bath/shower. The canal is truly a nice place to go.

With the boats, there are different classes based on stars. ONE STAR – (not offered by Andersen Boats) Clean and comfortable with adequate heating and lighting, refrigerator and cooker with oven and grill. Full range of utensils, crockery and cutlery. Hot and cold water supply to all sinks and shower. Chemical toilet. Bed linen (quilts or sleeping bags) provided. B/W TV available.

TWO STAR – (not offered by Andersen Boats) As ONE STAR plus minimum berth length 6’2″, width upper bunk – 1’8″, lower bunk – 2’0″, double – 3’9″. Pump-out circulatory or water flush toilet. Fitted radio/cassette/CD player.

THREE STAR – (not offered by Andersen Boats) As TWO STAR plus – more spacious boat, minimum Centre head room 6’0″, spacious toilet and washbasin for 6 or more berths. Radiator or blown warm air central heating. Domestic size cooker. Bedside lights for each berth.

FOUR STAR is a THREE STAR plus maximum of 2 persons sleeping in any cabin, minimum of two fixed berths, minimum berth – length 6’3″, width – single 2’0″, double 4’0″, continental quilt bedding, fabric upholstery. Engine/gas heated stored hot water system. Toilet, shower and wash basin enclosed in a “bathroom”. Water flush toilet, Color TV available.

As you see there are a lot of different options for the canal boat rides. And from experience I can tell you it is worth it. The boat ride was a lot of fun, even though there wasn’t much to do, but it is easy to find stuff to do. The boat rides are great for spending time with your partner alone and to have a good time. It is amazing for how low the prices are for the boats considering all you get on the ride. I recommend doing the Anderson canal boats, it’s really a good time.

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